Board and paper making

Valmet offers training related to paper and board making in Finland (Järvenpää and Jyväskylä), Sweden (Karlstad) and North America.

North America Training

Roll Maintenance School: Augusta, GA - October 31 - November 3, 2022

Mill site training

Mill site training consists of courses based on the mill´s specific needs and
can be conducted at the mill, at Valmet premises or at other locations. We will
plan and carry out the training according to your requirements and needs. Target group can be operators, automation personnel or mechanical maintenance personnel.

Examples of mill site training for dry end:

  • WinRoll automation training
  • WinRoll trouble shooting
  • WinBelt process training
  • OptiLoad calender hydraulics
  • Supercalender operation training
  • OptiSizer hydraulics training
  • OptiCoat Jet operator training