Casmatic Zephyrus

Responding to the most recent trends in end-consumers purchasing behavior

Market realities are something that we at Valmet confront with on a daily basis to identify the drivers for developing innovative solutions. It is a fact, that awareness about sustainable products is a key requirement coming from end customers while national and international regulations are aiming to fight plastic consumption. Also, during recent times, we have witnessed a significant increase in on-line purchase of tissue products, which is one of the fastest growing e-commerce product categories.

Casmatic Zephyrus has been designed with this in mind. Our purpose is to offer a more contemporary and environment friendly way to deliver tissue products with the possibility to create mixed product “family packs” according to the consumption of each household.

A flexible and modular concept

Flexibility and modularity have been the key drivers during the entire development stage. The result is a machine that is easy and quick to install with the possibility to increase production capacity by adding specific modules only. The delta robots ensure maximum flexibility and accuracy in handling the product and the smart design allows Casmatic Zephyrus to be integrated in an existing packaging line. A wide format range is available using different kind of carton and cardboard, both virgin and recycled.

Why Casmatic Zephyrus


Casmatic Zephyrus offers high flexibility during production. It can be integrated in an existing packaging line between log saw and wrapper with the possibility to produce in three different modes: Full production, Mixed production, Bypass.


The cardboard can be made entirely out of recycled paper and is totally plastic-free. 

E-commerce ready

These unique features make Casmatic Zephyrus the perfect solution to fulfill all the requirments for direct e-commerce sales.

Complex market demands imply the need to always think outside the box. For this reason over the past few months our R&D in Bologna, which is specialized in the design of machines for the packaging of tissue products, has been working on a new machine that, for the first time in the tissue industry, uses Delta robots, a technology first used in the pharmaceutical field. The introduction of this technology will allow our customers to develop and increase business related to e-commerce, in a personalized, simple and fast way."
Francesco De Luca, General Manager Packaging Division at Valmet
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Do you have any questions?

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