TIP Rotoreverse

New grinding system for the blade of orbital logsaws

The quality of the sharpening of the cutting knife of log saws directly affects the performance and quality of the work of this machine.

Cutting quality

The new positioning of the wheels allows to obtain a particular blade profile which helps in the cutting of the rolls


The type of abrasive used allows to optimize the sharpening parameters so the blade must be sharpened less frequently obtaining a longer life of the knives compared to traditional sharpening systems

TIP installable on logsaws Perini 165E - 176E - 177 

Main characteristics

With this TIP Körber Tissue proposes to modify the position and type of sharpening wheels, allowing a better yield in terms of duration and a cutting quality comparable to that of the latest generation machines.

The intervention allows to obtain an improvement in the sharpness of the knife of orbital logsaws, extending their useful life.

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