TIP Prex-extender

New clamps system with extended range

The TIP allows, with modifications on the logsaw, the use of manually controlled universal clamps instead of various classic clamps sets.

Efficiency for product change

Reduction of product change times because the system makes it possible to avoid errors in adjusting the clamps

Savings and quality

Correct adjustment of the clamps allows to avoid waste due to rolls with unequal cuts

TIP can be installed on Perini 176E, 176EVO, 177, 177EVO, 181E, 182E, 183E Log saws for tissue converting lines

Main characteristics

The proposed solution allows separately adjust the two locking devices of the logs during the cutting phase, the belts and the wedges, in an innovative and rapid way. 

The separate adjustment allows to optimize the pressure on the log in cut, in order to avoid deformations or marks on its surface. 

*Please note that these are standard characteristics of the TIP. To receive additional information, contact us, clicking on "request a free consultation"

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