Advantage ReDry

Paper industry in general and particularly the Tissue production process, are quite energy demanding both in terms of thermal and electrical energy. Therefore, the possibility to reduce the energy consumption is one of the sources of inspiration to develop new products interesting for this field. Furthermore, the growing need to endorse environmental protection pushes Valmet to commit towards reducing emission in this direction.

Valmet Advantage ReDry is a product designed exactly with this aim: exploit the hood exhaust air, still rich in energy, which is only partly recovered. This use improves the machine general efficiency, while reducing emissions into the atmosphere. 

With ReDry the web temperature increases before the press; as a consequence, the paper dryness level before the hood is increased, too. The ReDry can be easily positioned just before the suction press or at the turning roll before the Advantage ViscoNip press. A part of the hot air rich in humidity is diverted from the hood exhaust and blown evenly onto the web, increasing its temperature. This heating effect reduces water viscosity on the web just before it enters the press and produces an improvement in the press performance, raising the dryness level after the press. Energy demand to reach the final dryness is substantially reduced. 

This technology represents an optimal solution -  energy savings are obtained from a potential source already there (the hood exhaust), while protecting the environment without jeopardising the work environment.