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Maintenance data available at anytime creates smoother workflows at your plant

Valmet Mobile Maintenance for iOS and Android

Valmet Mobile Maintenance (VMM) Application is a tool for maintenance technician and production operator to report failures, observations and collaboration on tasks.

Make life easier for maintenance staff and production operators

In this video, let us introduce you the Valmet mobile maintenance application. Watch how it is designed to make life easier for maintenance staff and production operators in their day-to-day operation.

Improve efficiency, reduce costs, save time and get a better overview

By eliminating the need for pen and paper you’ll minimize the risk of lost or incorrect work orders. The whole maintenance process is done within the VMM application which streamlines the staff’s job flow and reduces overall inefficiency costs. Management will both get a better overview and understanding of all maintenance operations...


  • Better overview, improved efficiency and reduced costs
  • Reduces risk of lost and incorrect work orders
  • Ready to use
  • System integration with your current SAP system can be done remotely
  • Keeps information safe and secure - meets industrial cybersecurity standards
  • Available for both IOS and Android devices


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Promotes operators to be in the field

The VMM application lets you review and update work orders, write comments and add pictures to highlight problems, assign operators, confirm work order completion, log hours, and much more. This frees up time and keeps staff working in the field, and reduces screen time in front of the computer.


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Easily implements in your current SAP system

The VMM application uses the same Valmet Cloud platform as all Valmet Industrial Internet applications and is easy to integrate with your current SAP system. It’s cost effective and quick to implement.


Keeps information safe and secure

The VMM application can be used on both Wi-Fi and Mobile data networks. But only non business critical information is handled in the VMM mobile application, such as notifications and work order. 

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