Screw press

Valmet can offer a screw press of type FKC that are used to thicken recycled fiber, kraft pulp, NSSC pulp, TMP and other mechanical pulps. FKC pulp thickening presses supply premium performance, easy operation and extremely low maintenance.

The Screw Press is built for dewatering of pulp suspensions from inlet consistencies of 3-12% to outlet consistencies up to 30% and even higher. Excellent washing efficiencies in the sense of removing COD and ionic trash can be achieved, thus the machine is found in pulp and recycled fiber applications.

The stable outlet consistency enables the machine to be an ideal thickener in front of a dispersion system or any other application, which requires high and stable consistencies.


Screw press - Process and automation upgrades

High Efficiency Inlet Chamber

The new inlet chamber increases the surface of the inlet screen plate from 180 degrees to approximately 240 degrees.

Double Helix Screw Shaft

Valmet can convert existing screw press shafts to double helix design saving time and money.

Axial Dewatering

Installing an axial screen plate in the screw press inlet increases the dewatering area.

Split Sectional Screen Basket

Replaceable screen plates simplifies maintenance and offers great flexibility in the choice of screen plates.