Maximized system availability for efficient control of the power management system

Valmet DNA Power Management

Valmet’s power management system is a fully integrated concept covering functions for all types of engines, generators, motors and switchboard arrangements of basic and advanced plants.

Maximized safety and system availability through redundancy

Flexibility for any plant design

Operational cost savings for related machinery

Redundant operation

Increased reliability

To ensure a vessel’s operational reliability, it is important to safeguard full power system redundancy with secure power availability at all times.

Integration with the Valmet DNA automation system makes it easy to adapt the power management system to any machinery plant. As a result, efficient control is ensured – both operationally and cost-wise.

Uniform operation

The uniform operation concept available through the integrated automation system’s (IAS) multifunctional workstations speeds up the reaction of operators. It is especially relevant in problem situations when prompt and real-time action is necessary. Operator support information is easily available on the screen.

Would you like to have information about our Power Management?

Would you like to have information about our Power Management?

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