Successful start-up of board machine rebuild at Alce, Italy

Published Nov 30, 2004 11.00.00 +2 GMT

The rebuilt board machine BM 1 of Alce S.p.A in Lucca, Italy, has been successfully started up. The rebuild, carried out by Metso Paper, comprised a new press section with a two-nip SymPress Combi and a SymBelt shoe press.

Commissioning and start-up were short and easy thanks to the seamless co-operation between all parties, Alce, Metso Paper and the other suppliers involved in the project. The machine produced saleable paper only a few days after the start-up.

The board machine line produces semichemical fluting (NSSC) in the basis weight range of 112 - 210 g/m2 with a daily production capacity of 175 tons. The wire width of the machine is 3 m and the newly installed machinery has been designed for a production speed of up to 900 m/min.

Alce's future plans of development include the option to continue the rebuild of BM 1 with modification of the stock preparation and forming section, extension of the dryer section, as well as a new reel.

Alce S.p.A is a family-owned company, specializing in the production of NSSC, mainly derived from chestnut wood coming out of tannin extraction process which is carried out by a separate company. Alce is the only producer of this board grade in the Italian market which, due to its high and growing consumption of cardboard fruit boxes, currently is the most important one in the EU.

More information: Giuseppe Spreafico, Senior Project Manager, Metso Paper, Board Business Line tel. +39 031 518219, mobile +39 335 6024204 e-mail