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Tissue making process

Click numbers above to find more information of each tissue production phase.


Basic facts of tissue production process

Engineering speed:

132 km/h

Typical operating speed: 100 - 120 km/h
Width: 5.5 m
Water content, headbox: 99.8% water
Water content, paper on reel: ~ 5% water
Duration from headbox to paper on reel: ~1,5 s
  • 2 million toilet rolls /day (DCT 200)
  • One tissue machine can supply 3 million people with tissue for a year (est. consumption 20 kg/year; Scandinavia)


Consumption for 1 toilet paper roll (100g)

  • 0,5 L water
  • 0,15 kWh electricity (2 pc. 75w lamps for 1h)
  • 0,1 kg steam (1 pc. 60w lamps for 1h)
  • 0,15 kWh gas (2 pc. 75w lamps for 1h)
Updated; Sep 17, 2019