Innovations for a sustainable future

Dec 21, 2021

Valmet sees significant business potential in the new textile industry, as its technology and expertise are applicable to textile fiber processes.

The pace at which the business world is moving toward more sustainable business practices has accelerated in recent years. Regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations are constantly increasing, and the public’s understanding of the need for extensive and rapid action from governments and businesses to mitigate climate change is stronger than ever. This change is bringing new business opportunities for companies actively developing new solutions or adapting their current offering to solve the challenges of global warming, resource scarcity and nature conservation.

In our sustainability work at Valmet, we take the entire value chain into account: our own operations, the supply chain and our customers’ use phase of our technologies. In alignment with our sustainability agenda, our R&D work focuses on enabling a carbon-neutral future for our customers, enhancing the circular economy, improving resource efficiency, enhancing the shift from fossil to renewable materials, and digital solutions for better productivity and environmental efficiency.

Achieving results in these areas requires a lot of research cooperation with our customers. The work covers both the development of completely new technologies and solutions, and the adaptation of Valmet’s current technologies to new production processes and customer industries. As an example of the latter, this issue of Forward introduces how Valmet’s existing pulp and paper production technologies have been adapted to recycled and cellulose-based textile fiber production. As the textile industry is facing strong requirements to improve its sustainability, these solutions, developed with our innovative customers, are an important part of revolutionizing the entire textile industry.

I wish you inspiring moments with this Forward issue!

Anu Salonsaari-Posti  

Senior Vice President  

Marketing and Communications