Solutions for cavitation, noise and flow-induced torque

I need a solution for a demanding control valve application where the dynamic torque and cavitation have been challenging for conventional butterfly valves. Do you have any solutions in your product range? 

We would recommend our Neles™ Q-Disc™, which is available for our Neldisc™ and Wafer-Sphere™ butterfly valves. In short, Q-disc is a flow balancing trim designed to address the dynamic torque-related challenges included by flow in butterfly valve applications.

What is the benefit of the Q-disc?

The Q-disc trim does many things. It helps reduce noise and cavitation. More importantly, it can alleviate the negative effects of dynamic torque.

Only a handful of flow control companies are able to take dynamic torque into consideration during sizing. By using our Neles Nelprof™ sizing software (link to web page) we can take dynamic torque into consideration and make the correct valve-actuator configuration choices. Process efficiency and performance can thus be optimized. Furthermore, by achieving optimized flow capacity and a dynamic torque coefficient, it enables the improvement of the reliability and efficiency of not only the valve but also the overall process it is involved in serving.

Why is Q-disc called “smart design”?

Instead of a separate trim plate mounted and fixed onto the disk, the Q-disc is seamlessly integrated into the disc design itself. This eliminates any structural weakness that could result in valve failure. It has been designed to be easy to install, service and maintain as part of Valmet’s newest versatile Neles™ Neldisc™ and Jamesbury™ Wafer-Sphere™ butterfly valves (here put the link of our nxt gen versatile butterfly valve ). Valmet is currently seeking patent protection for the unique features of the Q-disc technology.

Q-disc is a trim solution that has its design roots in the digital world of data and simulations. With every detail of the design meticulously planned and calculated, we can accurately anticipate the added value it can bring to your process!