The Valmet eStore interactive parts catalog is available 24/7

Aug 10, 2021

Even if the best preventive maintenance actions are carried out in timely manner a sudden need of a spare part may surprise you. Valmet eStore provides a convenient way to find and identify the correct spare part in short time and allows you to send a request or requisition right away regardless of office hours or your time zone to our spare parts contact center worldwide.

Valmet eStore when you need helpValmet eStore is a highly flexible, electronic spare parts catalog that provides easy access to bills of material, mechanical parts drawings, component drawings, diagrams and other important machine documentation specific to your mill requirements. Now mill maintenance personnel can quickly and easily view and use accurate spare part records to help improve the spare parts ordering process.


  • Quickly identify relevant service parts
  • Faster part ordering with fewer errors
  • Increased equipment and production uptime
  • Reduced repair and spare part inventories at the mill
  • Quicker supply chain response

Available around the clock

Valmet eStore "Parts by Category" is available for registered customers around the clock, 24/7 via the Valmet Portal. Machine specific content is a purchased option for eStore. It provides a fast, secure way to contact Valmet spare part services. You have access to information about inventory availability, lead time of products, pricing regarding your specific items, and ordering.

Valmet eStore is the most innovative system available today offering mill staff access to relevant component technical information that can be readily used to save time and money on machine maintenance and improvements.

Parts ordering is more accurate; it becomes easier to guard against redundant purchases or overstocking and ensures that descriptions of non-stock materials or parts are accurately relayed to your purchasing function.

Easy to use

Valmet eStore provides three modes of access to spare and wear parts: by mill equipment, by product structure and directly to the eStore. ("Product structure" content is purchased mill/machine content.) When using the eStore method, the user knows what part (e.g. bearings), and looks at the eStore to find where that part is used on the machine, and order it.

When using the mill equipment or product structure method of part selection, the user drills down by selecting the machine, or the section of the machine to see the applicable drawings and BOMs.

Example of using eStore to find drawing and part information

eStore select machine section
Clicking on the section name will open the parts list and drawings for that section. In this example want to look at the dryer section of Board Machine #7.


eStore select subsection
After selecting the dryer section, the user can now select which subsection to view. In this case, the user selects the 5300 lead roll assembly.


eStore view drawing and select part
When viewing the lead roll assembly drawing, hot links connect items on the drawing to their detailed information.


eStore view BOM and select part
The hot links on the associated lead roll assembly BOM also link to part information.


eStore view part details and order part
After clicking on an item, Valmet eStore displays its details as shown above. Then, by clicking on the [ADD] button the user can easily order the part.

Other features of eStore

The Customer Tag column automatically populates with Customer-to-Valmet cross reference (for items Valmet has in the customer's ERP system). eStore has advanced searching capability with the ability to search across multiple catalogs. Pop-up notes are linked to part graphics, with up-to-date manufacturer information, changes, safety advice and warnings where necessary within documentation.

For more information on improving your spare parts operation by using Valmet eStore, contact your Valmet representative.