Improve runnability with Valmet Dryer Vac Roll Edge Cleaner

Jul 12, 2016

Valmet Dryer Vac Rolls are grooved and drilled vacuum rolls used in your single felted dryer section. The rolls suck air through holes in the roll shell, creating an under-pressure in the grooves. This under-pressure keeps the paper in contact with the fabric preventing runnability problems such as paper fluttering. Dryer vac roll web support is optimized to be highest on the roll edges, thus improving paper edge support and enabling reliable tail threading.

Plugging reduces efficiency

Valmet Dryer Vac Roll Edge Cleaner restores efficiency.

An inefficient plugged dryer vac roll (left) can be made like new (right) by running Valmet Dryer Vac Roll Edge Cleaner!

But, over time, dryer vac roll edges can become blocked by a buildup of dust and grease, causing runnability and threading issues that result in longer threading times and reduced machine efficiency. An example is shown on the left side of the following figure; note the significant blockage of the grooves and holes.

The solution … Valmet Dryer Vac Roll Edge Cleaner

Valmet Dryer Vac Roll Edge Cleaner uses compressed air to clean holes and grooves.Valmet offers a new edge cleaner called Valmet Dryer Vac Roll Edge Cleaner which uses compressed air to clean the grooves and holes easily and effectively. Pressurized air is blown against the dryer vac roll grooves and holes either just during breaks or it can run continuously - improving runnability.

Valmet Dryer Vac Roll Edge Cleaner reduces the air flow to the closing nip on the surface of the dryer vac roll, further improving the tail threading operation.

For machine lines having runnability issues in their single felted drying sections, installing Valmet Dryer Vac Roll Edge Cleaners can make a dramatic improvement. For more information, contact your Valmet representative.