Fourth Advantage DCT line up and running at Lila Group in Turkey

Mar 13, 2022

It was a proud moment February 16 when Lila Group could celebrate the start-up of their fourth tissue line from Valmet.

The start-up went smoothly and already the first night they produced 35 tons of sellable paper. Ever since the mill in Corlu, west of Istanbul, was established, the company has been aiming for the best equipment on the market. Today they have a fleet of four Advantage DCT lines with all state-of-the-art options available including stock-preparation and an extensive automation package to achieve production with high efficiency and low energy consumption.

“This project is a typical example of how great teamwork, dedicated people and well proven technology is welded together to a successful result. I want to thank everyone involved for the great efforts and high engagement throughout the entire project” says Christine Jung, Project manager Valmet.

“I want to start with thanking to complete Lila and Valmet teams to have such a quick and very successful start-up. We had a sellable paper within 2 hours after “the paper on the reel” and since then we have almost no machine stops. This is the main reason of Lila – Valmet partnership. Once more thanks complete Lila and Valmet teams” says Orhan Ogucu, Chairman of Lila Group