The first edition of CRE8 4PEOPLE – a competition in creativity with people and social sustainability in focus

Oct 10, 2019

The 7th October the very first CRE8 4PEOPLE challenge was held in Karlstad. A competition based on Karlstad university’s method CRE8®, but with people and social sustainability in focus. A new collaboration between Valmet, Karlstad University, Innovation Park (local innovation society in Karlstad) and a local nonprofit organization.


Four teams of Student’s at Karlstad University were challenged to come up with an idea how to help immigrant women to get jobs in the society.   

"For us, social sustainability means that all people have the same opportunities, independent of their background and that everybody is respected for who they are."

says Malin Kilian, Director of Tissue Machine Technology Unit at Valmet.

Klara Sol was the local nonprofit organization who needed help with solving this problem. They aim to integrate women with immigrant background into the society and work life.

"This is important from a human perspective of course, but it is also important from a perspective of the society and the companies acting in the society, because if we don’t get to this problem, we won’t be able to get the full potential out of the citizens in our society,
says Malin Kilian.

Hannah Johansson who works for Klara Sol (through the Red Cross) and Rani Thayaparan, who founded the organization in 2016, that over 70 women of different age are members in today.



The teams got 3 hours to come up with a solution and pitch to the jury, a jury with members from Karlstad University, Klara Sol and Valmet.

The winning team came up with the idea to create a trainee program for women to connect and integrate with companies. A beneficial solution for both parties.

From the left: The winning team “CRE8 Checkmate” with Maria Ivarsson, Theodor Håkansson, Viktoria Ekstorp, Victor Gunnestrand and Nellie Dalqvist together with the CRE8 4PEOPLE jury;

Rani Thayaparan from Klara Sol, Katarina Åhsberg, Malin Kilian from Valmet and Patrik Bångerius from Karlstad University

The next step for the the students is the opportunity to realize their idea together with Klara Sol, and Valmet contributes both with support and competence in the project implementation.

"We want to help by being part of the problem solving, with knowledge, time and commitment", says Malin Kilian.

The team can during this time use Innovation Parks facilities where they are given the opportunity to work together and be inspired by other creative projects that are going on in the surroundings.

Apart from contributing to the society with social sustainable solutions our ambition is also to create valuable collaborations and meetings between Valmet, local actors, Universities, Innovation Park (local innovation society in Karlstad) and with students.