Valmet’s kappa analyzer deliveries hit record high in the past 12 months

May 20, 2016

Valmet’s kappa analyzer deliveries have hit record high in the past 12 months. Analyzers have been delivered to pulp mills in Japan, the USA, South America and the Nordic countries, among others. A large number of them have been to pulp mills that have replaced their earlier-generation kappa analyzers with ones that feature proven technology with a long track record of providing high accuracy, availability, reliability and safety in chemical pulping processes.

“We see this exceptional increase in received orders as a clear sign of pulp makers’ trust in Valmet’s proven analyzer technology and ability to understand customer needs fully and provide lifecycle support to reach optimal pulp quality,” says Risto Rinne, Manager, Global Sales, Pulp & Power Analyzers, Automation, Valmet.

The record number of deliveries has further strengthened Valmet’s leading position on the global kappa analyzer market and increased its market share. All green field pulp mills started up in the 2000s are equipped with Valmet’s kappa analyzers. Up to date, Valmet has installed over 430 Valmet Kappa Analyzers in pulp mills around the world since its introduction in 1992. Today, all leading chemical pulp producers worldwide use this technology in their processes.

“By offering process optimization through advanced process controls and performance services to go with high-performance analyzers, we ensure that customers will reach the exact quality level that they are after and will be able to lower their operating costs, too. In addition to our tailored solutions, we provide mills with local support through our strong global network of professionals,” Risto Rinne adds.

Safety, speed and accuracy complemented by process optimization and performance services

The current Valmet Kappa Analyzer represents the fifth generation in the product range. The basic analyzer technology principles that Valmet developed back in the early 90s are still valid, such as centralized automated sample handling and analyses. This particular solution enhances safety as it minimizes staff exposure to the harsh process environment.

“The Valmet Kappa Analyzer offers a wide window into the entire fiber line. With it, mills are able to quickly and accurately measure all necessary properties at every process stage – all the way from the digester throughout the fiber line into the storage tank – unlike with no other kappa analyzer on the market. Additionally, we offer a fiber module to analyze fiber and shive properties in the pulp,” Risto Rinne points out.

  Valmet Kappa Analyzer

Capable of measuring critical fiber properties - lignin content, brightness, pulp fiber and shives, the analyzer is easily expanded according to measurement needs and the number of sampling points.The Valmet Kappa Analyzer utilizes patented sweep technology to measure kappa and brightness with a unique two-point calibration method. The analyzer is designed for extremely fast start-up as it is possible to pre-calibrate it with the customer’s pulp samples already during the FAT phase.