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Refining and deflaking

Refining plays a decisive role in developing the fiber properties of furnish and the final paper properties such as strenght. Furthermore, it greatly affects runnability of the paper machine. Refining is also a major energy consumer in the mill.


Valmet’s refining experience dates back to the early 1950s with both conventional conical refiners and double-disc refiner. The OptiFiner Conflo design combines the positive features and performance benefits of both refining concepts to meet the requirement for most typical short- and long-fiber refining applications, including recycled-fiber treatment.

For low consistency refining applications, OptiFiner Pro is a revolutionary new refining concept that can replace two traditional refiners and deliver 30% electrical energy savings.


Deflaking may be recommended or required, typically in flash-dried bale pulping and for various coated paper and board grades. By eliminating large particles from broke, deflaking contributes to a reduced number of web breaks and less screening rejects.

Our refining and deflaking solutions

OptiFiner Pro refiner

OptiFiner Pro is a new refining concept, in which one refiner can replace two traditional refiners and even deliver 30% electrical energy savings. Suitable for all kinds of low consistency refining applications.

OptiFiner Conflo

Conical low consistency refiner with axial flow

OptiFiner Deflaker

OptiFiner Deflaker defiberizes fiber bundles and flakes for increased broke line efficiency.