Maintenance master data for board and paper making

Master data ensure efficient and disturbance-free production

Maintenance master data is a solution for managing maintenance operations. Whether you are using CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) or EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) Valmet can help you to collect data to improve efficiency.


Results achieved after the implementation: 

  • Not typical problems like unreadable or inaccessible data
  • Workforce has fast, reliable access to any needed data always
  • Not poor-quality data
  • Improved decision-making
  • Superior regulatory compliance
  • Effective prioritizing

Why to invest in maintenance master data?

Typical challenges customers are facing is how to efficiently handle maintenance data with over thousands of objects including preventing maintenance plans and equipment? And how to monitor the thousands of rotating equipment not covered by on-line condition monitoring system?

Maintenance master data in a structured mode includes:

  • Functional locations and equipment in a logical structure
  • Preventive maintenance data
  • Data for corrective maintenance
  • Technical data
  • Documents, manuals, brochures and other detail information
  • Prioritized spare parts for equipment
  • Analyzing tools for functional locations and spares
  • Delivery method suitable for CMMS upload

Valmet CMMS Data Discovery 

Systematic way to analyze maintenance data from CMMS - Easy tool to review preventive maintenance tasks functionality, bad actor analysis lists available for each maintenance area to work with (continuous improvement), reporting KPI’s, cost follow-up, budgeting support




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