Slitter blade seating

Blade seating is a critical step in blade set-up that is commonly overlooked. Before installing the top blade, check that the mounting surfaces are clean. After the installation, the top blade will be seated which increases cut quality and blade life. In the first few revolutions of the top blade and bottom band, a wear pattern is established that determines how effectively the pair will run.

Step 1:

blade seatingHold back on the bearing assembly to soften the initial contact between the top blade and bottom band when the blade is side loading. This will prevent chipping the tip of the top blade.


Step 2:

Turn the blade a few turns in opposite direction.Tublade seatingrn the blade in the opposite direction from that which it turns during normal operation. Continue spinning for 3 - 4 revolutions. This will properly seat the fine superfinished tip.


Step 3:

blade seatingTurn the blade in the direction of normal operation. While turning the blade forward, work the blade back and forth causing it to slip against the bottom band. Continue until the top blade runs quietly and feels smooth against the bottom band.