Bearing & motor

The blade and band must spin freely for efficient Bearing and motoroperation. Independently spin each to make sure that the blade and band continue to turn an additional 3 to 4 revolutions after you let go.

NOTE: Wear cut resistant gloves when handling blades and bands.

Both axial and radial run-out must be minimized.

Bearing and motorRun-out

It is critical to minimize the wobble in the cross machine direction "axial run-out", as well as in the machine direction "radial run-out". Run-out of the bottom band and top blade will substantially decrease cut quality and blade life. The axial run-out on the hub should be kept to .002" or less, while the radial run-out on the hub should be kept to .004" or less.

If the run-out exceeds these tolerances, make sure all the mounting surfaces are clear of paper and other debris. If the run-out is still excessive, replace the top slitter blade. If run-out still occurs, check the slitting equipment.