History of slitter management

Valmet’s Slitter Management Program started in 1990 after winder operators and finishing superintendents told us they needed a consistent grinding solution combined with winding process expertise. They felt this would help them improve their shipping roll quality, slitter setup time, and overall productivity. As a result, Valmet and Valley Grinding combined our capabilities to offer to a few mills with great success.

Later, Valmet added simplified billing, by charging a flat fee for unlimited blade superfinishing and replacement. In the late 1990s, the new WR6 material was developed by a Valmet subsidiary which provided longer life and greater tip strength resulting in longer runtimes on the winder.

When Valmet became Metso in 2001, BladePool as a new offering was introduced. BladePool provided a constant inventory of blades at each mill location, so there was no concern about running out of sharp blades.

Today, Valmet also offers spare part service where we keep essential spare parts at your winder. This means simple issues such as air leaks can be resolved easily either by mill personnel or a Valmet representative. Holder and carriage exchanges can be included as an essential spare part.

Valmet is proud that we are still the only slitter solution provider using experienced in-mill winding process personnel backed by a field service team and engineering team second to none. Valmet has been making and servicing winders for over 100 years.


Slitter management contact usTo get more information about slitter management, please contact our offices in Finland  +358 (0)10 672 0000 and USA +1 608 365-3319 to speak with our slitter management services team.