Valmet carbide coater blades for optimized process performance

Valmet coater blades

In blade coating paper quality variations and rapid wearing of coater blades inevitably result in production losses and higher blade costs which can be easily avoided by using Valmet’s high quality carbide coater blades. Valmet Coater Blade* family consist of four carbide blades which leave a uniform layer of coating color on paper/board surface, thus creating an excellent finish for desired coat weight. In addition to having a major impact on end product quality, Valmet blades also improve production efficiency which in turn leads to more saleable production.

Improved performance with Valmet Coater Blades

Valmet Coater Blades are high quality carbide blades with extremely low wearing rate. The selection covers blades optimized for different coating positions, available for bent and stiff blade applications in all geometries. This new product portfolio offers coater blades for improved process performance and makes it easier to choose just the right blade for your needs.


Valmet Coater Blade family


Valmet Coater Blade xC coater blades are optimized for most demanding top coating. The special nanocarbide structure allows superior paper quality and long blade lifetime with short run-in time and low streaking tendency.

Valmet Coater Blade nC is for demanding top coating, resulting in excellent smoothness and increased production with up to 25 % longer lifetime compared to traditional carbide materials. PermaCote nC is a high quality nanocarbide blade with a microstructure surface that ensures exceptionally long blade lifetime and distinguished coating finish.

Valmet Coater Blade enC has a dense structure optimized for top coating. PermaCote enC is a high quality nanocarbide blade delivering high paper quality and maximized lifetime with economical price.

Valmet Coater Blade eC is a cost efficient solution with excellent edge wear resistance and long lifetime. PermaCote eC carbide blades work optimally in pre-, back- and middle coating.


*earlier known as PermaCote blades

Shandong Huatai PM 8 maintains perfect performance with Valmet coater blades

Shandong Huatai PM 8 maintains perfect performance with Valmet coater blades

No coating process can be optimized without the right coater blades. Shandong Huatai PM 8 provides an excellent example of this fact.