OptiCart parent roll cart family

Keep your papermaking line in action

By selecting Valmet parent roll carts and transfer rails for your papermaking process, up-time is at the highest level. After all, without a reliable parent roll handling system, the whole paper machine is loosing production – and you are loosing money.

Transferring the parent rolls into an off-line coater, calender or winder is performed either with rails, parent roll carts or an overhead crane or their combination. Valmet’s product range includes OptiCart parent roll carts, transfer rails and roll stands for parent roll and machine roll handling.

OptiCart parent roll carts are powered by an AC supply and the transfer is either fully automatic (OptiCart Stream gravity and OptiCart Stream with integrated loading) or semi-automatic (OptiCart Crane).

Former OptiCart and ValCart parent roll carts are available in the renewed OptiCart family.

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