Quality management for paper converting

Valmet IQ is quality management solution designed and built with the experience of thousands of system deliveries by Valmet over more than half a century. Designed for pulp, paper, board and tissue production, it is a customizable quality control, information and management solution that has been further developed to meet the needs of converting operations such as corrugated board and self-adhesive laminate production.

New era in corrugator controls

Challenging the methods of traditional corrugator control, previously somewhat ignored by higher level automation, a totally new concept for quality oriented process control is now available. Using a combination of quality control methods developed for paper and board production, together with new specially developed measurements, it is now feasible to reduce or totally eliminate quality destroying conditions in the corrugating machine.

Control your release force

Recently Valmet introduced also a new quality management system for the self-adhesive laminating process. New sheet quality measurements, innovative moisture profiling as well as web monitoring and inspection systems for self-adhesive laminating processes are now combined in the Valmet IQ quality control system.