Valmet DNAe Distributed Control System

Valmet DNAe is a next-generation distributed control system. As a fully web-based platform, it delivers an industry-leading user experience and cybersecurity by design. The system brings the process know-how of the world’s leading experts directly to your control applications and improves efficiency. It provides unique data collection and utilization capabilities, enabling informed decision-making. Valmet DNAe is a catalyst for sustainable practices, and it sets the stage for autonomous operations and a digitalized future.

Empower people to perform at their best

Enable high situational awareness through easy access to relevant information. Collaborate seamlessly throughout all organizational levels.

Reach and exceed your targets

Make data-driven decisions to reach your production, quality, and environmental targets through reliable controls and advanced analytics.

Enable path to autonomous operations

Prioritize reliability and cybersecurity to leverage open connectivity and seamless OT/IT interoperability to autonomous operations.

Evolve throughout the lifecycle

Guarantee your competitiveness over the system's lifetime. Scale size and functionality easily to meet future requirements.

Empower your people to perform at their best

Valmet DNAe is developed with a design philosophy to empower people to perform and collaborate better across the organization. The system provides a common user interface for controls, analytics, configuration, and maintenance. Intuitive workflows simplify operations and enable users to manage larger process areas with less effort. With role-based access control and support for global expert networks, Valmet DNAe also enables global collaboration and multi-site operations to increase operational flexibility and ease recruitment. The new user interface enables significantly easier onboarding for the new generation of DCS users.

Analytics tools for data-based decision-making

Advanced analytics and reporting solutions provide actionable insights to all users from control room personnel to analytics teams and office stakeholders. The easy-to-use dashboarding and analysis tools together with advanced monitoring and prediction applications, are specifically designed for industrial data and provide a comprehensive view of production processes or sites.

A global multi-user configuration environment

The new web-based configuration environment provides a unified environment for all engineering needs from office to field. An intuitive user experience combined with IEC standard-based programming languages eases the learning curve for new users, greatly increasing the number of engineers who can do configuration and maintenance work.

Reach your production, quality and environmental targets​

Valmet DNAe is a web-based distributed control system designed to evolve with your needs for optimal production. It starts with robust machine-level controls and can be expanded to encompass advanced process controls and plant-wide optimization. These industry- and process-specific controls ensure a smooth production startup and prioritize stable production with consistent quality. The proven up-to-date applications bring the process know-how of the world’s leading experts directly to your control applications and deliver immediate results.

Advanced Process Controls for enhanced efficiency

Valmet DNAe takes optimization a step further with built-in Advanced Process Controls (APCs). These APCs optimize sub-processes with minimal human intervention for maximum output. They achieve this by automatically adjusting processes to their optimal operating range, allowing you to produce more with less.

Enable path towards autonomous operations of the future​

Connected, intelligent process technology forms a solid source of data and a foundation for moving toward autonomous operations. The architecture of Valmet DNAe DCS seamlessly connects the operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) domains, leveraging the latest technologies for secure data exchange and integration. Its effective data management capabilities give operators real-time insights into plant operations and asset performance management, enabling informed decision-making.

Cybersecure by design

Valmet DNAe cybersecurity is externally certified according to ISO 27001 and IEC 62443 standards. The platform of Valmet DNAe is inherently cybersecure by design, including role-based access control, authentication, audit trail, and encryption mechanisms. This robust defense-in-depth posture with proactive prevention of cyberattacks provides industrial organizations the confidence to operate in the face of evolving cyber threats.

Evolve through the lifecycle with a committed partner

The Valmet DNAe adapts to your evolving business needs and technological advancements. Our commitment to lifetime system compatibility guarantees that there's always an upgrade path available. Your automation investment is always secured for the future. Additionally, we offer lifecycle plans for predictable lifecycle costs, service agreements with long-term commitment and performance guarantees, and expert support for continuous performance improvement.

Valmet DNAe distributed control system is built to change with you. Our lifecycle approach ensures that Valmet DNAe is always ready to maximize your competitiveness through the lifetime of your plant.

Scales with your business

Valmet DNAe is a scalable automation system that grows with your business. Whether you need to adjust your production rate, optimize your costs or move your assets to a different location, Valmet DNAe adapts to these needs.

Similarly, to Valmet DNA, the new Valmet DNAe network can combine different generations of subsystems and products, ensuring compatibility, upgradeability, and connectivity across all Valmet systems.

The Valmet DNAe system is constantly developing, and there’s a clear roadmap for new value-adding features that you can use when the time is right.

Start upgrading now

If you're currently using any previous generation of a Valmet distributed control system, your upgrade to Valmet DNAe can start today.

The upgrade path from Valmet DNA to Valmet DNAe has been made smoother with common functionalities. You can take into use a common user interface, advanced data analytics, and a common hardware family of controllers and I/O modules.

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