Condition monitoring and analysis services

Valmet’s comprehensive condition analysis services can be an integral turnkey function in your machinery condition monitoring program or form the basis of effective hands-on training for your maintenance staff. Services can be easily customized to individual requirements according to location, process area or specific measuring and analytical skills required.

Technical support

Technical support service available 24/7 or 8-5, via phone and/or remote connection. Guaranteed call back and on-site response times for emergency situations.

Results: Prompt resolution and expert support to minimize any disruption to production process. Dependable expertise and resources backed by a greater global network of experts.

Condition monitoring and analysis

Continuous monitoring and analysis of machine and automation system health. Diagnostics based detection of emerging faults and input for proactive maintenance planning and execution.

Results: Resolution of problems before they have a critical business impact. Helps reduce costs by streamlining activities.


Customized and standard courses, on-site or off-site. Services include also skills assessment, identification of competence gaps, and course curriculum planning.

Results: Confident and skilled personnel ensure safe, stable and efficient start-up and operation with minimized environmental risks. Increased cross-functional awareness leads to higher availability across the plant. Training scope corresponds to individual needs, based on company targets to ensure maximum ROI.

Remote support

Expert support through remote connection to assist with troubleshooting, fault tracing and corrections.

Results: Reduced downtime and increased availability.

Remote analytics services

Trouble shooting and maintenance support. Equipment condition monitoring and performance optimization.

Results: Information available for production optimization. Visibility of equipment condition. Fast reaction. Proactive trouble shooting.