Valmet Furnace Imaging System, Fixed Mount Mid-IR

Fixed mount high temperature furnace camera

Valmet Furnace Imaging System, Fixed Mount Mid-IR infrared camera is designed to see through flue gas and fly ash at temperatures of 370°C to 1900°C.

The thermal camera aids in visual observation inside the furnace environment, providing information about slag buildup, burner operation, flame position, and heat exchanger tube pluggage. This helps improve heat transfer efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and contribute to higher boiler availability. A fixed infrared camera installation is permanently located at a boiler port. The installation includes a high-performance, double-wall, air-cooled, stainless steel lens tube. The tip of the lens tube resides just inside the refractory or water wall of the boiler. The lens tube is available from 50 centimeters in length to 150 centimeters or more, depending on the wall thickness.

The furnace camera is protected by an air-cooled electrical enclosure. Video cable to the control room provides 24/7 viewing of the boiler by operations personnel. Fixed installations can be a single camera or an array of cameras that provide full visual coverage of the boiler.

For permanent installations, the camera is installed with an auto-retract mechanism and port rodder (if slagging is an issue). The fixed installation camera can be easily removed from the electrical enclosure and used with a mobility kit for mobile inspections.

Dual Use feature provides the benefits of both the fixed installation camera and mobile inspections

Dual use feature of the fixed camera

The fixed installation includes the infrared camera, air-cooled electrical enclosure, lens tube of choice, auto-retract and port rodder. As desired, the infrared camera can be easily removed from the electrical enclosure and used with the mobility kit for inspections at any accessible boiler port. When the mobile inspections are complete, the camera is returned to the electrical enclosure at the fixed installation site.

Valmet Furnace Image Processing Suite

Valmet Furnace Image Processing Suite displays IP video from cameras found on the network. The software has multiple instances it can run in, which enable various features.




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