Winthrop Filter Fabrics and Service Center

Valmet’s integration of FABCO and Tamfelt united over 200 years of experience in the Liquid Solid separation services and products forming this filtration group. We can assist you during scheduled shutdowns and are available for emergency service as well. Whatever your filtration challenges are, we are ready to help.

Helping you solve your toughest filtration challenges

Valmet is uniquely capable of helping you solve your toughest filtration challenges. The groups primary focus is Disc Filter/Save-alls, Thickeners, Bleach Plant Drums, Liquor Filters, Dewatering Presses, Gravity Tables and the filter media used in each application. Process and Mechanical operative solutions are provided inclusive of technical and mechanical sight services by highly trained, seasoned Valmet Team.

Some of the key services we offer include:

  • Field service technicians & supervision
  • Filter media and wire cloth installation services
  • On-site & Off-site disc sector recovery
  • Mechanical maintenance services





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Contact details

Valmet, Inc.
30G Summer Street
Winthrop, ME 04364
Main Contact

Jerry Shoemaker

Phone: +1 570-989-1023


24/7 Support in emergency situations

24/7 Support in emergency situations

Our 24-hour service helps you every day of the year and ensures that your machine’s critical parts and specialist support are always within reach.

24-hour service