Customer case:

A Canadian city: Valmet TS troubleshooting leads to polymer and maintenance savings

Nov 12, 2015

A Canadian city with a population of about 95,000 operates an 80 million liter/day capacity wastewater treatment plant which discharges clean and UV sterilized water to the local river. Once the Valmet TS meter was installed and calibrated on the GBT feed, the new continuous solids measurement was used to troubleshoot problems and dewatering process weaknesses.

We now have a system that is running with far greater performance and stability. We have reduced our polymer usage now that we are properly controlling the mixing, dilution and injection of the polymer; things that were simply not possible before the installation of the Valmet TS meter.”


Location Canada
Customer challenge

The costs of chemicals and process maintenance labor were high.


Valmet TS on the GBT feed was used to troubleshoot the dewatering process weaknesses. With Valmet’s assistance, the controls for the waste activated sludge (TWAS) level control tank and polymer pumping and mixing were optimized.

Results The plant operation staff reports that polymer savings are at least 25% and maybe more - at least $25,000 CDN per year. Additional costs savings include a stable process and almost no additional maintenance on polymer mixing and dosing equipment and tank level pumps. The ROI is less than 6 months, and will generate around $40,000 CDN per year in maintenance and chemical savings.