Customer case:

Valmet LC reduces wastewater treatment costs at Opal Botany

Apr 30, 2020

The Opal (Orora before 2020) Botany board mill in New South Wales, Australia, installed a Valmet Optical Low Consistency Transmitter (Valmet LC) for flocculent control in its wastewater treatment process. The results have been impressive, flocculent usage has reduced by more than a third to provide projected savings of AU$ 60,000 per year while maintaining discharge quality.

The Opal Botany board mill uses Valmet Optical Low Consistency Transmitter for flocculent control


Location New South Wales, Australia
Customer challenge The mill wanted to ‘police’ effluent solids from its primary stage wastewater treatment plant. The objective was to maintain the total dissolved solids (TDS) levels in the effluent while optimizing total flocculant usage.
Solution Valmet Optical Low Consistency Transmitter (Valmet LC)
Results Valmet LC optical consistency transmitter continuously monitors the DAF feed flow with closed-loop control to the flocculent dosing. A significant improvement in control was immediate with flocculent usage reduced by more than 40% resulting in a savings of AU$7,000 in the first month of operation.
Keywords Valmet LC, Consistency, Board mill, Wastewater, Automation, Australia