Customer case:

New measurement method of Sludge Total Solids Content at Stockholm Vatten och Avfall

Feb 1, 2019

An important part of the process in sewage works is the ability to measure the sludge total solids content order to concentrate and separate the sludge and to avoid pumping unnecessarily large amounts of water around, because this steals capacity and consumes electricity. When Henriksdal's sewage works had to change to a new sludge total solids content meter, they chose Valmet TS from Endress+Hauser. This is a microwave-based inline meter in the form of a pipe section that is installed in series with the pump and, among other things, results in easier handling as it does not react to color changes or deposits to the same extent as other methods.

Valmet TS, new measurement method of Sludge Total Solids Content at Stockholm Vatten och Avfall
The Valmet TS can be likened to microwaves X-raying the flow and finding the TS level in the water running in the pipe. It is the best product for this type of application. Thanks to reliable measurement of the sludge total solids content, we can start controlling and pumping based on the real sludge tonnage and, thus, free up the capacity and reduce the costs for unnecessary electricity consumption or overdosing with polymer.
Ulf Johansson, responsible for Valmet's model series at Endress+Hauser


Location Stockholm, Sweden
Customer challenge

Handling radioactive meters is difficult and expensive, and the customer wanted to test another method.


Valmet Total Solids Measurement (Valmet TS)


Valmet TS is easy to handle and the results seem promising. The customer is planning to replace two other sludge level meters at the other pump groups as well. 

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