Customer case:

Upgrades to pulp drying system drive performance forward

Aug 24, 2022

The project was a definite success, and the results were actually better than anticipated! The upgrades to the Lumpbreaker Felting contributed to significant increases in production, as well as improved runnability.”
- Pulp Mill Production Manager

Case: Pulp mill in the Southeast United States

Pulp mill in the Southeast United States


Location Southeast USA

The pulp mill was targeting opportunities to increase tonnage on their #3 pulp dryer, while also improving performance on the pulp drying line overall.

  • Upgrade pulp drying line for better performance
  • Explore opportunities to increase tonnage on pulp dryer #3
  • Install new Lumpbreaker Felting equipment
  • Add seven (7) new dryer cans
  • Complete installation and start-up in tandem with annual shutdown
  • Increased machine production by 7 – 8 %
  • Improved sheet handling
  • Improved drying efficiency
  • Achieved desired tonnage increases
  • Successful start up in time for planned annual outage
Keywords Pulp drying, USA, North America, Lumpbreaker Felting equipment, lumpbreaker, felting, dryer cans, felt, felting