Customer case:

Long-term agreements for performance and reliability at Cartulinas CMPC Maule

Aug 23, 2017

CMPC and Valmet have been cooperating closely in many areas with the aim of systematically developing the machine and CMPC’s production operations. At the Maule mill in Chile, Valmet has helped CMPC to keep its equipment running smoothly and reliably, as well as to optimize the performance of their production processes in order for the mills to make the most of their potential. This has resulted in production records, quality improvements and energy savings. To further achieve their targets for increased production and improved board quality, they also invested in a new metal belt calender in 2016.

We see Valmet as a technology expert with strong process knowledge. It provides machinery, automation and many kinds of services. We have taken advantage of that, and we can see the results."
Jorge Aldana Director of Project and Industrial Development at CMPC Papeles



Cartulinas CMPC mill in Maule, Chile


Folding boxboard

200 - 390 g/m2

Packaging, both containers and displays


The cartonboards manufactured by Cartulinas CMPC are rigid with the minimum weight and with exceptional dimensional stability and have an excellent surface for printing, making products more attractive to final consumers at the sales point and enhancing their design. Due to the use of virgin fibers, these boxboards are safe in food packaging uses.

Keywords Paper & board, South-America, coatedboard