Customer case:

Excellent ROI with Valmet Press Roll Cover PP in Telangana, India

Oct 26, 2018

The Indian board-maker Vijay Anand has overcome the challenge of traditional rubber covers by upgrading with a Valmet roll cover. Press Roll Cover PP premium polyurethane covers have provided remarkable benefits with an outstanding payback from the investment.

Now we can run higher loads with longer grinding interwals. Our target is to achieve a grinding interval of two years,”
Dharam Agarwal, Managing Director of Vijay Anand



Vijay Anand Kraft Paper mill in Telangana, India


The press rolls were upgraded with Valmet Press Roll Cover PP premium polyurethane roll covers.

Target The goal was to improve roll cover durability and reliability and also to boost dewatering by increasing the nip load.

The clearly higher nip loading has improved dewatering, and web dryness in the press section has increased from 49 to 51 percent.

The rolls can be operated without internal water cooling and the rolling resistance is lower resulting in energy savings.

The investment paid for itself in less than eight months.