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Valmet Cooking Liquor Measurement for Kraft Pulping - Shin Tokai Paper, Japan

Jul 12, 2019

Reliable alkalinity level process measurements in the impregnation, cooking and washing steps of the chemical pulping process are needed for successful implementation of optimized process control. Previously competitor’s conductivity measurement had been applied but constant malfunctioning occurred and demanding process conditions required more durable quality sensors.

Our earlier installed base with toroidal sensors was not functioning reliably but after installing the Valmet Cooking Liquor Measurement our digester wash circulation measurement has been working with little maintenance without any problems.
Takashi Tamura, Manager, Pulp & Chemical Section and Pulp & Power Department, Shimada Mill



Shin Tokai Paper, Japan


Valmet Cooking Liquor Measurement

  • Valmet Cooking Liquor Measurement for effective alkali based on conductivity.
  • The measurement was installed in a continuous digester wash circulation.
  • Continuous alkali measurement provides operators the tools to react to alkali level changes in the continuous cooking process.
  • Lifetime is 5 to 10 times longer, compared to typical conductivity sensor
  • The Valmet Cooking Liquor Measurement with the standard recipe together with correct calibration reacted rapidly to process changes and an excellent correlation with daily laboratory measurements was achieved.
  • After successful trial period the measurement can be utilized with own process control to reach additional cost savings and quality improvements. In the near future we will install the measurement to all digester circulations.
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