Customer case:

Optimizing the continuous cooking digesters at Stora Enso Imatra Mills

Nov 30, 2015

Stora Enso Imatra Mills annually produces approximately one million tons of board and paper. The main production is of liquid packaging for beverage cartons, and food services boards for paper cups and other food packages.

Stora Enso Imatra Mills optimize the continuous cooking digesters with Valmet Cooking Liquor Measurement


Location Imatra, Finland
Customer challenge

Stora Enso decided to build a new short-fiber pulp line (line 3) for birch cooking, and later to modernize and convert the existing pulp line 2 to long-fiber. Thus, there was the need to optimize the cooking process.

Solution Valmet Cooking Liquor Measurements (Valmet Cooking 3400) for white liquor, transfer circulation, ITC, expansion ja extraction.

Production targets were exceed quickly after the start-up. The pulp from line 3 is very pure, which is essential for boards for the food industry, and the pulp from line 2 has improved its strength. Less pulp has to be purchased, thus reducing costs and enhancing pulp quality. The carbon dioxide emission from fossil fuels has been reduced, because the increased pulp production has lead to an increase in production of by-products, like black liquor and bark, which are used as fuel instead.

Keywords Pulping and fiber, Automation, Improvements, Europe