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A long history of guaranteed pulp quality online with Valmet DCD

Aug 11, 2015

Metsä Fibre personnel have actively collaborated with Valmet Dirt Count Analyzer (Valmet DCD) design team and the latest result is a third generation device soon to be delivered to Metsä Fibre mills in Joutseno and Rauma.

The biggest advantage for our mills is measured in time. Visual inspection done manually in the laboratory can take up to 25 minutes and is not frequent enough to provide a consistent picture of quality. DCD measures six sheets an hour, online 24/7, and gives us the information that our customers need.”

Outi Poukka, Metsä Fibre development manager


Location Metsä Fibre mills Äänekoski, Joutseno, Rauma and Kemi, Finland 
Customer challenge Before automated measurements, pulp properties were previously only available only after many hours or even days of laboratory tests.
Solution Valmet DCD provides accurate, high frequency and quickly available dirt count, brightness, and color information automatically from a whole sheet at regularly timed intervals from the bale conveyor. High resolution images of dirt specks from both sides of the pulp sheet are used to provide dirt count properties without the subjective bias and inconsistencies of the laboratory inspection techniques. Brightness and color measurements can also be performed at the same time for complete analysis of the visual properties of the sheet. Pulp sheet measurements, available within 10 minutes allow fast quality verification and can be transferred instantly to the millwide information and quality management system.
Results Valmet DCD measures six sheets an hour, online 24/7. Valmet DCD has provided standardization across the entire Metsä Fibre organization allowing consistent quality information for customers that is measured by the same method in each mill
Keywords  Pulping and fiber, Europe, Automation