Customer case:

SCA Munksund paper mill - biofuel-fired limekiln to operate more sustainably

Apr 30, 2019

With an annual production capacity of 410,000 tonnes, SCA Munksund produces both white and brown packaging paper out of kraft pulp. To match their strategy of being fossil fuel free, SCA turned to Valmet for building a new, biofuel-fired lime kiln for their paper mill in Munksund, Sweden. Today, limekilns are the only major consumers of fossil fuels in a pulp mill. By replacing the mill's old, fossil fuel-fired kiln, SCA was able to reduce its carbon footprint by 75%.

After many hours of troubleshooting and process improvements, we have now taken a huge step toward the goal we set from the outset: a fossil-free kiln with great operational effectiveness and a low impact on the environment
Fredrik Lind, Production Engineer at the SCA Munksund mill



Munksund Paper Mill, Pileå, Sweden

Customer challenge In addition to SCA Munksund paper mill's 50-year-old fuel-fired limekiln starting to reach the end of its lifecycle, a part of SCA's strategy was to be fossil-free. In order to have their operations line up with their strategy, SCA decided to build a completely new, bio-fueled limekiln.
Solution Biofuel-fired limekiln - utilizing pellets as a wood powder source
  • A compact solution developed for the customer needs
  • Fast project delivery and on-time start-up
  • No fossil fuels required for running the mill 
  • Safe and sustainable production
  • Economic gain by eliminating fuel costs 
  • Reduction of the mill’s carbon footprint by 75%
Key words

Biofuel, Limekiln, Papermill, Kraft pulp, Sweden, SCA