Customer case:

Central management system for Gasum’s biogas containers and related logistics

Jul 28, 2020

Valmet DNA enables Gasum to centrally manage its network of biogas containers and the related logistics. The system extends to every single container with a smart GPS device. In Finland, Gasum has 28 gas filling stations for natural and biogas. There are over 40 such stations in total around Finland. Biogas is a perfect match for a circular economy because it is a low-emission and renewable fuel produced from feedstock, such as biodegradable waste from households, shops and industry. As a growing European trend, the demand for vehicles run on natural gas and biogas is increasing in all vehicle segments. The number of gas vehicles has also been rapidly growing during the past few years in Finland. Biogas transport use helps cut fuel lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85%. In addition, biogas only generates a fraction of local emissions such as nitrogen oxide and fine particulate emissions.

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We can predict whether the amount of gas available is sufficient. This facilitates the planning of our transportation considerably and improves our operational efficiency and security of supply.”
Jarno Jokinen, Production Engineer, Gasum


Location Finland and Sweden
Challenge All information about the location of the containers was previously gathered manually. With the business growing a more efficient solutions was required.
Solution Valmet DNA Integrated Operations
Results The solution reduces the amount of work, eliminates any risk of manual errors and enables further business growth.
Keywords  Valmet DNA Integrated Operations, Biogas, Alternative fuels, Finland, Europe