Customer case:

Valmet Steam Separator PV brings greater profitability to Hansol HomeDeco, South Korea

Jul 2, 2017

In March 2017, Hansol HomeDeco in South Korea installed the Valmet Steam Separator PV (PeriVapor) directly after the refiner on the mill’s line for core fiber production.

To operate the Valmet Steam Separator PV cannot be more simple. -Just press the start button!
Ahn Bok-Gyu, Team Mgr at Hansol

Location Hansol HomeDeco, South Korea
Challange Increase steam flow to turbine
Solution Install a Valmet Steam Separator PV in the blow line after the refiner
  • EUR 1600 per day in savings
  • About 60 tons of steam is recycled per day using Valmet's steam separator
  • The temperature in the dryer has decreased by about 5 degrees.
Keywords Fiberboard, Steam Separator, PeriVapor, South Korea, Asia