Customer case:

Controlling warp on the corrugator

Jun 12, 2017

A development project between Stora Enso Packaging in Jönköping Sweden and Valmet has proven that a key to higher efficiency is to eliminate warp problems by controlling the liner reels’ moisture profile in the corrugator. ”The corrugated board we produce is often aimed at packaging requiring high quality printing which needs flat sheets and minimal impact on the outer liner to avoid washboard that effect on the print quality”, says Ola Lindberg, Process engineer at Stora Enso Packaging in Jönköping. “Our focus is on corrugated board packaging where high print quality is requested and our customers are therefore in practically all businesses."

Before we started the project, we had more than 60 internal claims due to uneven moisture profiles. Last year we had only four internal claims due to a warp problem – definite proof of the success of our new way of working!”
Ola Lindberg, Process Engineer, Stora Enso Packaging in Jönköping


Location  Jönköping, Sweden

Focus on corrugated board packaging where high print quality is requested.

Stable and consistent process and totally flat sheets of corrugated board coming out of the corrugator with more frequent quality changes and smaller order sizes.


Two Valmet IQ Scanners for top and back side moisture measurement

Two Valmet IQ Moisturizers for correcting moisture variations, one on liner side of the single face board and the other on bottom liner before the double backer

Valmet IQ Moisture control for automatic moisture correction


Approved quality achieved faster after each grade change

Warp problems eliminated

Even moisture profiles give high efficiency

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