Customer case:

Successful I/O migration at Borealis Porvoo

Jan 24, 2019

The Borealis Polymers Porvoo plant in Finland, a fully integrated petrochemical complex, has been controlled with automation from Valmet since 1993. As a result, several generations of automation have been periodically extended and upgraded until ultimately replaced as components reach end of life and new technological solutions are introduced. As part of a modernization project to the Olefin Cracker in 2017, Valmet undertook the major task of replacing over 3000 centralized input/output (CIO) cards in 31 I/O cabinets.

Valmet performed very well during the whole project with very skilled personnel. After the turnaround the startup went well and after one year we have only had to replace 3 cards, so-called infantile failures in the first few months, which has been very good. Our maintenance personnel are also really happy now with the new I/O supporting HART and FDT/DTM data transfer from field instruments and valve positioners which makes their job much easier.
Mika Etholén, Borealis Senior APC Engineer


Location Porvoo, Finland
Customer challenge

CIO spare part availability could only be guaranteed until the end of 2020, no redundancy, and failure of a critical control could shut the plant.

Solution As part of Automation upgrades and roadmapping services, over 3000 centralized input/output (CIO) were replaced with Valmet ACN I/Os



3000 centralized input/output (CIO) replaced, installation in 8 days, documentation and circuit drawings updated and stored in SAP maintenance system, new I/O supports HART and FDT/DTM data transfer from field instruments and valve positioners which makes maintenance personnel's job much easier

Keywords Chemical industry, Upgrade, Lifecycle roadmapping, Automation, Europe