Customer case:

Valmet Wet End Analyzer helps Solenis

As a part of a chemical contract, Solenis monitors the quality and effective use of chemicals at one finepaper machine with an annual production capacity of 320,000 tons in EMEA area.

Solenis and Valmet Wet End Analyzer
Instead of investing in high manual workload laboratory resources, Solenis prefers online analyzers. Our focus is on real-time information, repeatability, and reliability with good economy. With this solution, we have been able to optimize chemical applications and improve machine efficiency.
Eemeli Siitonen, EMEA Marketing & Corporate Accounts, Solenis
Location EMEA area
Solution Valmet Wet End Analyzer (Valmet WEM) with four sample lines, charge, and chemistry modules. The analyzer is measuring process positions from long and short circulations.
  • Continuous information by active tracking of the process with an online analyzer
  • Possibility to indicate process dynamics and react on disturbances in real-time
  • More process information from multiple measurement points
  • Focus on results’ interpretation instead of manual laboratory work
  • With Solenis' and Valmet’s help, the end-customer was able to optimize their process
Keywords Online wet end analyzer, Paper machine, Automation

Wet End Analyzer

The Valmet Wet End Analyzer (Valmet WEM) is a unique, online measurement solution that provides tissue, board and papermakers with all the key variables for effective wet end management.