Customer case:

Setúbal PM4 - modern paper making line for producing high-quality uncoated fine paper grades

Jul 25, 2018

The PM 4, known as About the Future, was officially started-up in 2009 and boasts one of the world's largest and most sophisticated machines for producing uncoated paper. Turing out reels 10.4 meters wide, this machine is able to produce more than 500 thousand tons of paper a year, at a rate of 30 meters a second.

"Using innovative technology in its systems and production processes, the mill was built in record time, to the strictest environmental standards in Portuguese and European Union law."


Location The Navigator Company's Setúbal mill in Portugal
Solution Valmet's delivery included a complete OptiConcept paper machine line from headbox to roll handling, with related air systems and some stock preparation equipment. Valmet also supplied an extensive automation package, including a quality control system with web-wide non-scanning moisture measurement, wet end analyzers, machine controls as well as a runnability and condition monitoring system.
Results The PM 4 in Setúbal is one of the largest and most sophisticated paper machine in the world for the production of uncoated fine papers.
Keywords Paper & board, New lines, EMEA

Technical data

Grades uncoated woodfree
Wire width 11100 mm
Design speed 2000 m/min
Annual capacity 500 000 t/a