Customer case:

Instant success in fine paper market for Shandong Huatai mill

Jul 25, 2018

Shandong Huatai mill invested in a new PM 8 papermaking line to extend their offering and break into the Chinese fine paper market. Just three months after start-up, PM 8 was already producing art paper that met the market’s quality standards and their customer’s expectations.

Shandong Huatai PM8_1800x600.jpg
“We are very satisfied with PM8, and especially with Valmet’s technical support. We fully reached our expected goals.”
Wei Li Jun, General Manager
“We were deeply impressed by Valmet’s sales team and their attitude. They won our trust, and have ensured our long-term cooperation.”
Chai Jun Ming, Project Manager


Location Shandong Huatai mill in Shandong Province in China
Solution A complete paper machine from headbox to reel, with related air systems and coating color supply systems. The delivery also included new reel, off-machine coater with four coating stations, two off-machine multinip calenders and two winders.
Results The evenness of raw paper is vital in art paper production. Without high-quality raw paper, more cost and time is needed to produce high-grade art paper. With the help of Valmet’s technical support and advanced equipment, Huatai started producing art paper with the best quality after just three months.
Keywords Paper & board, New lines, China

Technical data

Grades Coated woodfree
Basis weight 60 - 120 g/m²
Wire width 8100 mm
Design speed 1800 m/min
Annual capacity 450 000 t/a