Customer case:

Shandong Bohui Paper’s expansion plan becomes reality with new BM2

Aug 17, 2015

Shandong Bohui Paper has the ambitious goal of becoming the largest coated board producer in China. The new board machine (BM2) supplied by Valmet is an important step towards the big target. The modern technology has gained market acceptance by ensuring high end-product quality with superior smoothness.

Shandong Bohui Paper BM2


Location Shandong Bohui mill in Zibo city, Shandong, China
Customer challenge To become the largest coated board producer in China.
Solution Valmet’s scope of supply comprised an all-on­line coated board machine from headbox to winders with related stock preparation and air systems, as well as a BCTMP plant. Complete Valmet automation systems package is is included, too. BM2 was started up with Valmet fabrics in the forming, press and dryer sections and BlackBelt shoe press belts.
Results Increased market share with products that keep customers satiesfied as customer feedback shows that quality is better than before. Good environmental perfomance, low energy consumption and water consumption only 6m3 per ton.
Keywords Board and paper, China, Automation, New lines, Paper machine clothing

Technical data

Grade Cartonboard
Width 6 250mm
Design speed 800 m/min
Basis weight range 150-230g/m2