Customer case:

Saica's PM 11 breaking records from the kick-off

Aug 17, 2015

The Saica Paper's PM11 in UK started 15 days ahead schedule with world record speed. The continuous total performance of the containedboard machine is ensured as the mill has maintenance agreement with Valmet that covers responsibility for maintenance related improvements.

We asked Valmet to come up with a solution for the new UK mill. What we were really impressed with was the way they committed to our requests by looking at production cost reductions by cutting down on energy use, as well as looking at a machine that can deliver peak performance."
Federico Asensio, Deputy Managing Director


Location Saica Paper in Partington, United Kingdom
Customer challenge To ensure low production costs, energy efficiency and to find technolology to produce lightweight containerboard grades
Solution A complete OptiConcept paper machine with comprehensive automation package and maintenance agreement with Valmet in which Valmet takes over the complete maintenance of the mill.
Results Production started 15 days earlier than planned with world record start-up speed (1,105 m/min producing 95 g/m2), excellent total mill performance ensured by maintenance agreement.
Keywords Board and paper, Europe, Automation, Maintenance, New lines 

Technical data

Fabric width 8 200 mm
Trim width 7 600 mm
Design speed 1 700 m/min
Yearly capacity 400 000 t/y