Customer case:

Mosaico Tolmezzo doubled production and gained more reliable operation

Sep 28, 2016

Mosaico Tolmezzo paper mill in northern Italy installed Valmet Trim Collector (earlier TrimRecovery) system in March 2015, since then the mill has experienced fewer breaks and increased machine runnability. The new trim collector system has overcome the bottlenecks that had been preventing the mill from doubling its production.

We were aiming to reach our targets within the first year, but we reached maximum speed in only two months. The start-up curve was very impressive and the payback time for Valmet Trim Collector was less than six months.”
Furio Azzopardo, Mill Manager


Location Tolmezzo, Italy
Customer challenge Old trim removal system was the bottleneck of the production increase. Need for system that removes the stock from the fabric before the nip of the pick-up.
Solution Valmet Trim Collector solution cleans the trim area effectively and allows controlled recovery of high-quality trim for reuse as fiber raw material. The solution is installed so that the trim can be blown off the surface of the fabric.
Results With the help of the trim collector, the mill has now achieved its target of doubling both speed and production. All the saved broke goes to PM 3 for reuse.
Keywords TrimRecovery, trim removal system, Mosaico Tolmezzo

Technical data

Grade Machine-glazed (MG) paper
Basis weights 17-40 g/m2
Speed 900 m/min