Customer case:

Increased efficiency and less production breaks through paper machine upgrade by Valmet

Aug 19, 2015

Stora Enso Veitsiluoto mill in Finland decided to invest in improving the PM 5’s runnability and production efficiency. Valmet carried out a complete tail threading upgrade project from the press section to the reel during eight days shutdown.

the Veitsiluoto PM 5 complete tail threading project

Main results of the Veitsiluoto PM 5 complete tail threading project

The implementation from paper to paper during the carefully planned shutdown took only eight days. The reel area tail threading was the most significant improvement phase and results were rewarding: the amount of broke was decreased due to fewer breaks, which equals to less energy wasted as it is not used for producing the extra broke.

The well-tested technology used in the project had an impact on personnel costs as well: the machine can now be operated with just two professionals. In addition, the web is now four centimeters wider than before and the broke per break reduced by 2.5 kilometers.

Key technologies used in the project

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1 earlier known as TwinRun
earlier known as DoubleDoc
earlier known as PressForce
earlier known as VacRolls
earlier known as HiRun 2000
earlier known as DoubleJet


With this project we succeeded in reducing the amount of production stoppages in PM 5.”
Markku Åman, Production Manager of the printing paper mill


Location Kemi, Finland
Customer target “We wanted to improve the paper machine's efficiency by decreasing the number of breaks and shortening the break time. One objective was also to decrease the amount of broke created at the reel,” says Markku Åman, Production Manager.
Solution The machine’s tail threading was upgraded throughout. Also the dryer section’s runnability package and 3rd press doctoring was upgraded. The line now uses nearly every tail threading unit that Valmet offers for paper grades.
Results The amount of broke decreased from three kilometers per parent roll during a break to 500–600 meters, totaling in nearly 2.5 kilometers less broke per break. And with fewer breaks, less energy is wasted. In PM 5 the web width is now approx. 4 centimeters wider than before.
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